Sunday, March 11, 2007

2007 Harvest Season Starting Soon!

March 2007: Farmer Rich is in full swing! We purchased a larger tractor in 2006 which has enabled Farmer Rich to rework the fields. The weather was absolutely gorgeous from November to January and Farmer Rich was able to accomplish a lot in the off-season. Farmer Rich & friends retrenched and reworked the fields to create one large field instead of multiple small fields. This should double our capacity and hopefully increase our harvests. Deliveries are scheduled to start the first week of June to our CSF members in Jersey City Hamilton Park, Hoboken Midtown, Hoboken West, Mahwah/Ramsey, Vernon Valley & on-farm pickup. Click on this link to go to our weblog & see the contents of our past weekly deliveries as well as our newsletter & recipes: Blogger link The May Heirloom Tomato Transplant Sales are scheduled. The first one will be in Ramsey on May 19th and we hope to have one in NY on the 20th. Then on May 26th & 27th at Olde Lafayette Village. We have 70 different variety of tomatoes this year! We look forward to our Heirloom Tomato Tastings in the summer.