Monday, November 03, 2008

Vol 13 No 22 - Week of November 3rd

Last delivery of the Season
We had an interesting week to finish out the harvest year. Last Tuesday night 8-14” of snow fell at the farm.
We had 3 seasons all in the same week;
• Monday, October 27th was a nice autumn day
• Tuesday, October 28th was a nice winter day (snow stayed on the ground for most of the week)
• Friday, October 31st was a nice spring day being about 65ºF

photo take on Thursday

Farmer Rich buttoned up the greenhouses for winter, so he has a place to hide when it is cold up there! He will be spending the next couple of weeks cleaning up and preparing for next year. Fortunately the snow has melted off of the garlic beds and we hope to get the garlic planted on Saturday.
As always, an interesting harvest year has passed. Each year has its own peculiarities and next year for certain will be different. Perhaps better, perhaps worse but definitely different.
Thanks to all CSA members for your continued support. We hope you enjoyed the variety offered & the addition of fruit each week. Comments are always welcome, so feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call with suggestions for next season.
Fruit – This week we have picked up Empire Apples from Windy Brow Farm located in Newton, NJ.
From the Fields: While everything else is dying, the rye grass that we use for a cover crop on the back field is up & growing.