Monday, November 02, 2009

Volume 14 No 22 - Week of November 2nd

Last Delivery of the Season

At least the season is ending on a sunny day and they are predicting sun all week. What a change from the harvest season this year, as you know in reading the newsletter we had perhaps the worst year of weather ever, with rain, rain & more rain practically each week.

We always hope for the perfect season, but it never seems to come. Each year presents a set or two of new challenges and this one was no different. Some years it is too dry and we report about drought, but this year was a year of excessive rain and cooler than normal temperatures. This did impact our deliveries, but we worked hard to provide a good variety each week.

Our plans for the off-season include working in the fields (weather permitting). This will include pulling up the plastic from the beds, repairing fences and moving the lower greenhouse to a new location. The back field is in good shape with its fencing so we only need to remove the plastic and irrigation strips. General clean-up of our greenhouses to prepare them for spring transplants is in the works as well.

If you have any ideas for different veggies you would like to see next year, just send us an e-mail and we will look through our seed catalogs in January as we prepare our large seed order for 2010.

From the Fields: The weekend crew of Lisa & Erin prepared a new area for planting more garlic. The next round of garlic planting should be accomplished this week. The Franklin greenhouse has been totally cleaned out & will be readied for the spring.

Weather Report: Believe it or not, more rain fell at the farm last week. Rich keeps a rain gauge and between last week's & this week's delivery about 6" of rain did fall. Though we had warmer temperatures, the rain hampered work in the fields. Most of the greens were in the greenhouses so harvesting was easier this week.

Last Delivery of the Season


Thanks to all CSA members for your continued support. We hope you enjoyed the variety offered throughout this difficult season. Every year presents new challenges and this year was no different.


End of Season Potluck Dinner All CSA members are invited to the end of season potluck dinner to be held in Hoboken on November 7th starting @ 7:30 pm Hoboken Historical Museum 1301 Hudson Street - Hoboken please refer to the details in your weekly newsletter copy.