Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Greenhouse is done!

The new greenhouse is finished and we arnewgreenhouse.jpge filling it up with transplants. This greenhouse measures 17 'x 48' and after the transplant sales we will be building beds to grow greens, tomatoes, peppers & more. This is our 5th greenhouse and they really allow for diversification in growing. During rainy weather, we can work in the greenhouses (Farmer Rich hates getting wet!). Last year, our crew missed no work days due to rain, when it was the rainiest season ever.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy April 1st

4-1-2010 - We went on a cruise around Manhattan - APRIL FOOLS!!!

A new employee, Alison, started work today. She worked with Farmer Rich in the Franklin greenhouse and they transplanted lots of basil. Another new employee will be starting next week. Her name is Hannah and she was an apprentice at Genesis Farm. Our crew is coming together really well. Lisa who worked with us last year is now our Farm Operations Leader. Erin, Michele & Jessie are coming onboard on a part-time basis.