Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sad News

My Dad has lost his battle and peacefully passed away with his family at his side. It was a hard four months, but very rewarding in providing the caregiving during this time.
RPPorteousI think the best legacy a parent can leave behind is the success of their children. Success not measured by the amount of money we make, but the way we live our lives and the lessons we learned. Both Mom & Dad taught us life’s lessons; honesty, integrity, respect. They never discouraged, but always encouraged anything we ever wanted to do. If we tried something and failed, it was a lesson learned. Dad was a great teacher, not only during our formative years but later in life as well. In his writings we found these words “I have given them with the aid of their mother, a good direction in life” so we know that he knew he brought us up right. The caretaking we all gave him over these four months is really a tribute to the way we were brought up, to put others first. Just the weekend before he passed away, he looked up at Alison & I and said “you’re good kids”. It was his way of giving us his blessing. Perhaps the long journey during these final few months of Dad’s life were to teach us one more of life’s lessons, that of the meaning of true love. – Farmer Sue
His obituary is posted at: