Monday, November 05, 2012

Catalpa Ridge News–Post Hurricane Update November 5th

On the one year anniversary of the Halloween snow storm of 2011, Hurricane Sandy hit our area full force. At the farm we only lost one greenhouse.Greenhouse post hurricane All the plastic was torn off and the metal framing was bent beyond repair. We consider ourselves very fortunate that was our only loss when so many others lost so much more. Both of our families are coping, and everyone is safe.

Overall this harvest season was better than last year as the deliveries were more abundant this year, though we did lack some variety. The fruit deliveries were tough as well. Working with other local farmers we were able to put together the seasonal fruit share.

This week we were short-handed at the farm as Ali had already scheduled a trip to Costa Rica for the prior week and unable to get home post Hurricane Sandy. Lisa and Renee kept things going and worked extremely hard to put together this weeks harvest.

Thanks to all CSA members for your support this season. If you have any ideas for different veggies you would like to see next year, just send us an e-mail and we will look through our seed catalogs in January as we prepare our large seed order for 2013.

Franklin Greenhouse Report: The ginger, carrots, rosemary and hot peppers were all harvested from the Franklin greenhouse. The remaining ginger we have will be dug up this week and saved for seed for next year.

From the Fields: We plan on pulling up the plastic from the row and clean up the fields before winter approaches. We do hope to get a few more rows of garlic planted as well. We also have to pull up the stakes and netting that supported the tomatoes and cucumbers.

Animal report: The great blue heron is still roaming around the fields. No sign of the “usual suspects”; ground hogs, rabbits and deer. Perhaps they are still under cover after the Hurricane!

Valerie from our Hoboken Midtown CSA drop-off has sent along this note for planning a Pot Luck dinner early in 2013:

  • “Rather than celebrating the end of the season this year, we will celebrate the beginning of the 2013 season with a Potluck CSA Kickoff early in 2013. The event will be held sometime in late February/early March of the New Year. Having our own Hoboken Farm-to-Fork kickoff in early spring will be a great time to meet up with CSA members after a long winter. Early spring will also be a great time to renew our commitment to locally grown food and of Catalpa Ridge Farm. So, thanks to you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for locally-grown food. Have a wonderful holiday season and stay-tuned for more information about our 2013 CSA Kickoff party.” – Val

Thanks to all CSA members for your continued support. We look forward to 2013!