Monday, October 10, 2016

Catalpa Ridge News - Volume 21 No 18–October 11, 2016


Fresh Ginger !


News from the Fields & Farm:  We had some nice weather over the end of last week then it turned cold and rainy on Sunday. This was just in time to harvest the delivery.


The Sussex Harvest, Honey & Garlic Festival was great and the attendance surpassed prior years. We did get to meet some of our local members.


You will be receiving some fresh Ginger, just harvested from the Franklin Greenhouse. Overall we were pleased with the outcome. We have to start the ginger in February/March and it takes about 8 months to get to the point it is ready to harvest. It does have to be grown in the heated greenhouse and goes through a few different stages during the early planting cycle.



Some Culinary tips for using your fresh ginger:


Grate ginger for stir-frys, sauces & dressings.  


Slice into “coins”, then whack each coin to break up the fibers and release the ginger essence, heat oil in your sauce pan or wok and let ginger stir-fry for 30 seconds (stir-fry longer for a stronger ginger flavor, but do not allow to burn) – add your GARLIC and you have a start to a classic Oriental stir-fry.

Use a vegetable peeler to peel paper-thin slices of the ginger root, then slice thinly and add as a condiment to soups, dumplings, fresh vegetable dishes.

Make homemade Ginger Ale!


Believe it or not, the tomatoes and peppers continue to produce in the fields. In speaking with some of our members and customers from our Spring Heirloom Plant sales, their tomato and pepper production has been exception this year as well.


Here are some peppers in the lower field:



A few Green Zebra tomatoes on the vine:



Weather report: A frost advisory has been issued for Sussex County from Monday evening through Tuesday morning. Hopefully our fields will be unaffected.


Last Delivery of the Season will be the last Tuesday of October; October 25th.

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